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Monday, January 16, 2006

Virtual NYC Tour: Hosting problems

I got screwed today with my web hosting company. A friend of mine has posted a link on the website about my virtual tour. The link was featured on the digg home page the following day. That generated excessive amount of traffic that crippled my website. The hosting company started displaying a message stating that the website is either:

1) Using 20% or more of CPU resources
2) Uses inefficient scripts

My answer to them is that their servers cannot handle extra bandwidth. The virtualNYCTour website uses AJAX and Javascript heavily. That leverages most of the processing on the user's (clients) computer rather than the server. The only server side intensive processing is picture fetching (Nothing special here) and description fetching from the database (Also nothing special here). The only thing left is the web host and their ability to handle extra bandwidth. Apparently they suck


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