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Monday, January 16, 2006

Yahoo Publisher Network: bugs in YPN

I am currently a member of the Yahoo Publisher Network. The publisher network is Google's equivalent of Adsense. The YPN program is still in Beta and has a number of bugs. I have reported a number of those bugs already but I have noticed a new one recently.

It seems that slow websites and slow loading pages causes weird behavior for the Yahoo Ads. The Ads no longer function correctly. The Ad unit display half of the advertisement while the other half is hidden. I have reported this bug to Yahoo at least a couple of months ago. It seems that they have not fixed it yet.

I actually had another bug on the "Account Information" section on the YPN website. I could not save My tax information. Everytime I inserted the tax info and clicked the save button, I got a message stating that the information was saved. When I try to view the data by clicking the "Tax Information" link I get a page with no data. I have also reported this bug two months ago. I have even spoken with one of their tech guys for half an hour. However, the problem is still there


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